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Power Juicer Reviews From Barry, The Self Confessed "Juicing Addict"

Shopping for a juicer can be overwhelming. There are some many boxes and brands screaming for your attention that picking one can feel like a roll of the dice.

Tall glass of tomato and celery juice.I compared, priced, and read ratings for 34 different machines before finally pulling the trigger and buying a centrifugal juicer from Breville. It was called the Juice Fountain Compact and I still use it today. It's a great entry level juicer!

By trying to juice just about everything with my Breville I learned that it did some things much better than others. It did a great job with things like carrots and apples but I wanted to be able to juice things like wheat grass and kale, and I couldn't do that with a centrifugal juicer.

After diving neck deep into juicer research I learned that if I was going to step up my game, I was going to need a masticating juicer as well. I got lucky again, if you can call it that because I did a lot of research, and bought a Breville Juice Fountain Crush. Fantastic machine that does everything I need and more!

One thing that drove me crazy was having to read different juicer reviews on many different websites. So here at The Juicer Directory I'm going to add ratings for every juicer that is for sale. Good ones, bad ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, and everything in between. I hope you find the juicer ratings on this website helpful.

To Your Health,

Barry MacLise

"The Juicing Addict"