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Why Jennifer Absolutely Hates Juicing

What sort of person would I be if I told you that every story that gets sent into The Juicer Directory was a positive one? I wouldn't be a realist and I'd be giving you a one sided view. Jennifer sent in a well written and well thought out story about why she hates juicing. I hope you enjoy it.

fruit-smoothiesMy name is Jennifer Giles and I really wanted to love juicing. I wanted to get healthy and lose some weight, and what better way is there than making my own nutritious juice at home. I could control exactly what was going in to it and in the end what was going in to my body.

This was going to be awesome and I couldn't wait to get started! I bought a juicer cheap from one of my friends. They were no longer using it and tried to warn me that making my own juice was not all its cracked up to be. I ignored them of course because they probably just lacked the willpower to stick to it, unlike me. I was forging ahead no matter the warnings.

The day I picked up the juicer I went to the grocery store to buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables so I could get started right away. I bought carrots, bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes, celery and mangos.

I was so excited to get started that the minute I walked in the door I set up the juicer and picked bananas, carrots and oranges because it sounded really healthy and it could turn out delicious. Here I go with my first juice making experience.

First, I prepped all my fruits and vegetables. Peeling and chopping was so time consuming but it would definitely be worth it. I got my ingredients in the juicer and turned it on. The concoction that dribbled out into my cup did not look appetizing in any way but it had to be tasty and it was healthy if anything.

After it was done juicing I picked up the cup and smelled it. This was mistake number one. It smelled worse than it looked. (Editor Note: Sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

I decided to take a drink and that was mistake number two. It tasted bitter and I had to choke down the thick liquid. This was not how I had imagined it.

As I dumped out my cup's contents in the sink I had an epiphany. I had just mixed the wrong ingredients for a tasty treat. I proceeded to choose new ingredients and make a new juice. This time I took tomatoes, celery and a quarter of an orange and prepped them for the juicer.

Ten minutes later I was ready to make the best juice ever, or so I thought. Once again a disgusting, thick looking liquid came out of the machine but I didn't make the mistake of smelling it this time. I raised the cup to my lips and almost lost my breakfast. It was horrible and left a bad after taste in the back of my throat.

I dumped the remaining juice down the drain. As I looked over at the remaining ingredients and then back at the juicer a thought occurred to me. I don't like freshly made juice. This would have been nice to know before I bought the juicer and the fruits and vegetables but at least I knew now.

I know a lot of people would say, “but you only tried two different juices”, and they would be correct but I know what I like and this wasn't it. It took so much time to prep everything and then the time waiting on the juicer that I just didn't want to do that much for a drink.

In all fairness I have tried a couple of times to make juice following recipes I found on the internet but I just can't find any I like.

Needless to say, that juicer has been taking up space in a cabinet for months with no hope of being used again. I really did want to love juicing but it was never going to work for me. I will now wait for another friend of mine to decide they have to have a juicer and I will sell mine to them cheap with a few warnings for free.