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Two Moms That Improved Their Families Health With The Gift Of Juicing

Today I received two more stories from our readers about their experiences with juicing. I also received a negative one that I'll post tomorrow. Juicing isn't for everyone, but the two submitters below fell in love with it almost instantly.

My First Juicer Was A Hand Me Down

grape-tomato-juiceI began using a juicer with an older model Green Star juicer that my mother had bought and gave to me when she replaced hers. I never thought I would be able to afford juicing on a regular basis because I am on a fixed income as a graduate student and produce and eating healthy can be very expensive.

Surprisingly, I Found Juicing To Be Very Affordable

Instead, I found that juicing was actually a very affordable and easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet, as well as unconventional sources of protein such as chia seeds, soy, quinoa, and other grains I had been afraid to try in the past. (This is a more common practice than you might think.)

It’s also a great way to make a meal on the go, or a snack that can be consumed on my commute or traveling somewhere on the weekend.

I’ve since upgraded to a more expensive and newer juicer because it has been such a money-saving and time-saving venture that it’s been well worth it!

My Favorite Recipes

My favorite recipes are ones that are incorporate a blend of fruits, vegetables, and grains all in one! I like to juice kale, navel oranges, blood oranges, and add a dose of quinoa for a great post-workout replenishment. For breakfast, I sometimes juice apples, pears, bananas, kale, grapes, and throw in a bit of almond milk and some oatmeal for a very healthy and filling meal that will last me to my lunch break at work.

When I am craving something sweet but want to remain healthy, I juice a combination of bananas, apples, and throw in a bit of cacao powder or a few figs to sweeten up the mix. I even will sometimes juice a blend of pineapple and orange, sweeten with stevia and pour the mixture over some shaved ice or drink it on the rocks!

As someone who works a lot and lives alone, I rarely have the time to prepare a complex meal to cook at home. But juicing has radically improved the quality of my diet.

I do have my eyes on an upgrade to my old Green Star. It must be at least 10 years old and it's starting to show it from the nearly daily use over the last decade. I have my eyes on this Vitamix, I just haven't made the purchase yet as it's not a cheap appliance. It will be worth every penny however after I am done saving up the money.

And here starts the second story. It's the story of a mother that has helped to make her entire family a bit healthier by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet with juicing.

Mom Loves Making Vitamin Packed Juice For Her Kids

Before I had children, I would have never thought to use a juicer at all. I bought all of my juice in the grocery store and just thought it was a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

I was shocked to learn how much sugar was in store bought juicers!

fruit-cocktail-stackWhen I had my first daughter five years ago, my doctor had told me that giving juice to her was a good idea, but to be careful because so many juices was loaded with sugar, like apple juice. Apple juice of course happened to be my daughter’s favorite juice so I started to do a little research online and found lots of great recipes for alternative juices.

I had read about how not just fruit juice, but vegetable juice is good for both children and adults. I do eat a lot of raw vegetables so I thought this would be a good thing for me and my husband too. I purchased an inexpensive centrifugal juicer for less than $100 and started making my own juices. My daughter loves the banana strawberry juice I make for her every morning. It gives her vitamins in a natural way and gives her energy as she is starting her school day. Amazon has many juicers for less than $100 if you are interested.

This with a well balance breakfast helps her throughout her day. As for myself and my husband, I make a tomato juice with carrots and it is delicious. As I get older I find that taking traditional vitamins are hard on my stomach and thanks to using a juicer I don’t have to take so many pills.

We Love Our Weekend Movie Smoothies

One of my favorite things we do with our juices is making fruit yogurt smoothies on the weekends. Every Saturday night we watch a movie with the kids and make individual smoothies in our juicer. The kids love them and it’s a great way to sneak healthy food by them and have quality time together.