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Staving Off Free Radicals With My Vitamix 5200

Not only do I juice, but I also grind whole grains to a flour like consistency. I have recently been diagnosed with a form of bone cancer, and my physician actually recommended juicing as a way to include many of the nutrients needed to boost my immune system and stave off "free radicals".

vita-mix-5200I researched the many juicers offered to us consumers and opted for the KING [or Queen if you prefer..] of all juicers [in my opinion]. My VITAMIX 5200 not only does it all [I'll elaborate soon..] but it has a 7 year warranty that it should outdistance easily!

Why I Chose The 5200

My juicer is multi-purposeful which is what I need for my health regimen. Coarse hard red winter wheat..barley..grain, and berries of all types, are easily ground to a near flour like consistency. Flax seeds - ditto. Omega-3, and all those valuable vitamins can now be made into my favorite morning meal-unleavened multi-whole grain meal pancakes.

I can add cinnamon, raisins, nuts, or just add blueberries,blackberries-whatever strikes my fancy. For making it dough like for rolling and pan placement, I add the liquid-natural spring water, to the blended powder/nuts/berries etc. and place all in a large bowl for hand stirring.

It Makes Great Smoothies

If I want a smoothie..I typically use black and blue berries, with spring water ice. 7 seconds later on a frappe like setting, and I'm enjoying a tasty and super nutritious drink. Sometimes I add Orange juice Not from concentrate, just to thin it out a smidgen and add a bit of ""where did that flavor come from?"" experience to the mix. That's what is fun about can be as creative as you want!

Vitamix Helps Me Reach My Nutrient Goals

I firstly make sure that my health goals are realized in my mix. Omega-3, vitamin C, selenium, B12 and protein. Protein is another matter. Sometimes I simply add Protein powder[24g/1/2 dry oz.] to my mix-no matter what it is I'm mixing.

Typically, I add protein to my fruit smoothies as above. After my health nutrients are in place I get creative for flavor and texture[still keeping calories/nutrients/sugars/protein/carbs. etc. in mind as I create].

Once you start juicing and mixing and's too much fun..too healthy to stop! Viva Juicing ! Cheers!"

I Love Receiving Reviews Like This!

The writer of this juicing success story was sent in without a name. I guess they want to be anonymous, which is a shame really because they have a great story to share. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Can you fell it? I sure can and I hope you can too.

I haven't had the chance to review any of the Vitamix juicers and blenders here on The Juicer Directory yet. And that's mostly because I have never even seen one outside of an infomercial. I think that this user review counts as a great start and paints a glowing picture of the Vitamix brand, however. I'm going to reach out to some Vitamix owners that I know and see what sort of good and bad things they have to say about their juicers so that we can get some reviews up for you. In the mean time, Consumer Reports has some great write ups and that's always a good place to start.