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The 8006 Is A Juicing Station On Steroids! It Powers Through The Toughest Vegetables To Make Highly Bioavailable Juice With Painless Clean Up

If you talk to any seasoned juicer that is faithful to creating healthy nutritious drinks day after day there's a good chance they'll tell you about Omega j8006 (aka - 8006). Even juicing pros that choose to use another type of juicer are aware of this one and will tell you great things about its masticating prowess.

You'll be surprised though, once you do start talking to people, just how many switch to an Omega j8006 as their go to juicer.

Why It's The Most Coveted Juicer

If there has to be a best masticating juicer that makes its place to #1 for reliability and durability, this one would have to be it.

It's a masticating juicer that uses a slow 80 RPM speed to extract the juice without oxidation, heat buildup, or foam. The juice contains all of the natural food enzymes you need to keep your body healthy and these enzymes also keep the juice fresher longer.

Key Features:

  • Uncompromising multiple use appliance (It's extrudes pasta, makes baby food, makes peanut butter, grinds coffee, the list goes on)
  • Fruit and vegetable juice extractor
  • Extremely dry pulp
  • Low 80 RPM speed (This reduces foam and oxidation)
  • Patented stone screw for 8x more auger strength (Makes extracting spinach and broccoli juice look effortless)
  • Fast, easy cleanups
  • Built-in reverse to prevent clogging (It happens to even the best juicers)
  • 15 year warranty on the motor (Longest mid priced motor warranty I've seen to date)

The Omega J8005 vs The J8006

This upgraded model of the Omega j8005 has 2 important features that weren't found on the earlier model. The j8006 comes with a 15 year warranty and an HD auger. The auger on the Omega 8006 is 8x harder than the one found on the older model. You won't be able to find any other juicer that has a longer warranty, making this one the juicer that just may last a lifetime.

It Could Grind And Juice A Brick

OK I totally made that up, but I think you get the point.

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Since you're reading juicer reviews you probably found that many are limited in some way or another as to the type of juicing they can do. Not so with this one. It can grind anything from nuts to spices and coffee and of course it works its magic on vegetables and fruits wonderfully.

As a grinder...

Use this appliance to make your own variety of nut butters or nut milk. If you haven’t yet tasted freshly made soymilk before you're in for a real treat and will never go back to store brands again.

As a food processor...

This all-in-one juicer will mince and chop a variety of foods including baby food, peppers, spices, garlic, and any other type of foods that need to be prepared. While this juicer does take up a lot of counter space, you'll be able to use this product for so many purposes that you won't need to line up any other machines up on your counter.

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As a juicer...

This masticating Omega commercial quality juicer will be able to handle wheat grass and all types of leafy greens like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, chard, collards etc. It also juices citrus fruits, beets, peppers, carrots, radishes, celery and any other type of fruit or vegetable without compromising the nutritional value found in the foods using the special extraction process.

The cleanup on this unit is fast and easy, the motor is strong and guaranteed to last at least 15 years and best of all the juice is phenomenal! With other juicers you'll usually run into one area where they can't perform as well as another but with this particular juicer it really can do everything efficiently.

If you're the type of person that is looking for more than a juicer and wants a well-rounded appliance that will simplify your life in the kitchen, this Omega j8006 is the one you need.