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Put Weight Loss Into High Gear And Plunge The Numbers On The Scale Faster Than A Scalded Dog With These Mother Nature Approved Food Choices

You heard right, no exercise required!

Woman having a cup of healthy fresh juice with breakfast.I bet by now that you're past the point of trying diets that just don't work. They promise overnight success by having you starve to death on grapefruits, eat 100 calorie snack packs, or drink your meals from a can.

Forget it! You're throwing your money away.

Why You Don't Need To Exercise

If you're eating the right foods there is absolutely no need to haul your butt to the gym or lace up your sneakers to hit the street for a jog.

As a matter of fact, by eating the right food you can lose weight faster than all the people that are killing themselves with a daily workout but haven't learned learned what I'm going to lay out for you in the next per paragraphs.

Maximum Health & Weight Loss Without Crazy Diets

The first thing that you need to do is stop dieting. Toss everything you think you know about the word diet right out. I want to introduce you to food again. Foods for fast weight loss that will also give you enough energy to make it through the work day without wanting to lay down and take a nap.

I want you to meet real food that not only will fill you with energy but that also tastes so delicious you'll never go on a "diet" again.

Forget Cutting Calories

All those boxed meals, processed foods, and lab created drinks are only wreaking havoc on your internal organs at the cellular level. You need to fix the inflammation they have caused. The first thing that you're going to need to do is to reduce cellular inflammation.

If your cells can't work correctly they can't move fats, sugars, and proteins around and out of your body the way that nature intended them to. What you want to do is eat foods that are rich in DHA and EPA, the main anti-inflammatory components of omega-3 fatty acids. These foods are packed with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids:

  • flax oil (just a teaspoon a day will dramatically lower inflammation)
  • walnuts
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • soybeans
  • halibut
  • scallops
  • shrimp
  • chia seeds
  • tofu
  • tuna
  • coconut oil

This Healthy Food Slows Your Progress

If you're drinking any alcohol you're going to have to eat healthy for longer to lose weight. The best diet to lose weight will never include alcohol. That's right, not even red wine.

Even red wines anti-inflammatory properties are negated by what it does when it gets inside of your body. Depending on how you look at it, your body either loves or hates alcohol.

Alcohol enters your bloodstream very quickly and it becomes your bodies fuel of choice. Drink a glass of red wine and your body stops using any fats, protein, or carbs for energy and focuses on burning that alcohol instead.

What happens to other sugars in your bloodstream while your body is focused on the alcohol? It's storing some of them for later. You already know how your body stores energy, right? You got it! As fat.

Encourage Your Body To Burn Fat

Your bodies natural tendency is to store fat. What you've got to do is convince your body that it doesn't actually need to save energy for later in the form of fat. You have to reassure your body that it doesn't need to store fat by actually giving it healthy calories to burn.

And don't even think about eating low fat. How are you going to convince your body that it doesn't need to store fat if you aren't supplying it with any?

Focus on foods that are loaded with healthy fats, proteins, and carbs. Look for meals and recipes that include foods like these.

  • avocado
  • cucumber
  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • salmon
  • shrimp
  • apples
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • eggs
  • yogurt
  • chicken
  • beef

The Easy Way To Shop For Fat Burning Foods

Think about the layout of your supermarket for a minute. Where are all the healthy foods located?

HINT: They don't come in cans or boxes.

They are along the perimeter of the store. Know why?

Because these are fresh foods that have to be refrigerated like fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meats. They are not processed, loaded with chemicals that preserve "freshness", and shoved into a box or packed into a bag.

Where Does Juicing Fit In?

I don't want you to stop eating whole fruits and vegetables throughout the day. You'd be leaving too much nutritional benefit on the table by cutting them out entirely.

Juicing Is The Atomic Weapon Of Your Nutrition Arsenal

The highly bio-available vitamins and minerals you get from juicing are going to help your body reduce inflammation, burn belly fat, and heal from the inside out. You're energy levels are going to skyrocket and odds are that ailments that you have been battling for years are going to subside. Here's a few that I know juicing can help relieve:

  • acid reflux
  • acne
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • brittle nails
  • cholesterol
  • constipation
  • Chron's
  • colitis
  • fine hair
  • diabetes
  • eczema
  • gout
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migranes
  • PMS
  • psoriasis
  • ulcers

Why Processed Carbs And Refined Sugars Are Your Worst Enemy

I'm not going to lecture you about eating junk food and white bread. Bottom line is that they increase sugar, which spikes insulin, and in turn causes you to store fat. Here's a more scientific approach to how eating sugar encourages your body to store fat.

Want A Step By Step Program To Follow?

If you're looking to get away from all the misinformation that has entrenched itself in today's modern "healthy diet" there's a step by step program that cuts out all the low carb, low calorie, low fat, other gimmicky nonsense that's been holding you back.

When you're ready to see the scale drop like barometric pressure before a storm, check out this no holds barred guide to eating for maximum health that will quickly have you bursting with food powered energy and soon after feeling confident in a swimsuit.

Combine that program with 1 to 3 fresh vegetable based juices a day and the only thing that will rival how good you look look will be how great you feel. When you look good and feel great you'll be amazed by how much you will be able to accomplish every single day.

The plan I just laid out for you boils weight loss without exercise down to its' essence. You can follow these guidelines to lose a lot of weight without exercise or you can get this step by step guide to eating for maximum fat burn.

Good luck on your journey to the new skinny you. I know you can do it by sticking to healthy food choices that encourage your body to release that stubborn fat.