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If you're looking for an essential oil to add to your arsenal you should consider picking up a bottle of frankincense. For literally thousands of years it has been used to support the immune system and to help fight infection. But a recent study shows that it may also be useful to help combat cancer.

What The Study Found

Researchers studied the compound acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA)  which is derived directly from frankincense. “We have shown that this frankincense compound is effective at killing ovarian cancer cells at realistic concentrations." according to research supervisor Dr. Mark Evans from the University of Leicester. He continues; “What has been most surprising is that the cells we have tested which are resistant to chemotherapy have shown to be more sensitive to this compound, suggesting frankincense may indeed be able to help overcome drug resistance, and lead to an improved survival rate for patients with late-stage ovarian cancer”.

How This News Will Effect Cancer Treatment

To be absolutely clear, this is no reason to stop taking the advice of your doctor and to start drinking frankincense oil by the gallon. The study is strictly in its' infancy but does show some potential. The findings of the study in no way effect the way that cancer patients are treated. The study needs to be published in a peer-reviewed journal so that the results can be verified and scrutinized. Until that happens we can't draw any solid conclusions from it. It does however show some exciting promise just like other essential oils like argan.

Proven Health Benefits Of The Essential Oil

Here's how we do know it can help you.
  • Helps prevent or delay rheumatoid arthritis
  • Relieves chest and head congestion
  • Soothes toothaches and mouth sores
  • Aromatherapy as a bath soak
  • Helps halitosis thanks to antiseptic qualities
  • Makes a powerful astringent to help heal acne
  • Speeds digestion to relieve gas, constipation, and other digestive issues

Where To Buy It

It's fairly common at local health food stores but it can be found inexpensively here on Amazon compared to most local stores.

How To Use It

If you're going to take it orally you can add the pure oil to tea or simply dilute a couple drops in water. Do not ingest the perfume oils.

If you want to add it to your beauty regime you can add a few drops to your jar of coconut oil or add it to your daily skin cream. You can also apply it directly with a cotton ball.

Have you tried it or do you plan to?