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Coffee Flour Is Gluten Free, Has More Fiber Than Whole Wheat But Less Fat Than Coconut Flour

Did we just discover a new super food?


But don't worry it's not made from the beans so you're not getting a massive dose of caffeine from your morning bagel. It's actually made from the fruit that surrounds the bean, a part of the coffee production process that usually finds its' way into the landfill.

What It Tastes Like

Brownies baked with coffee flour.

Brownies baked with coffee flour.

Surprisingly it's citrusy and has floral notes versus tasting like the earthy cup of joe that you get from Starbucks. So it's probably best to mix it with other types of flours even though you could actually bake a cake or a dozen scones with it.

What About Caffeine?

It does contain some caffeine but way less than a cup of java. Exactly how much depends on the variety of the bean but on average a slice of bread made with just this flour would have about the same amount of buzz as an eight of a cup of joe.

How To Bake With It

I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet but did and here's what they found.

I sampled test runs of bread, granola, and shortbread cookies designed to showcase how the gluten-free Coffee Flour changes the flavor and texture of food. In bread, the texture was denser and the flavor earthier. The flour amplified the cinnamon and chocolate in the granola. My own at-home experiment with chocolate chip cookies netted similar flavor results. The dried cherry, sweet tobacco and baking spice notes of the single origin Coffee Flour from Oaxaca in Mexico shifted this simple sugary pleasure to something intriguingly savory and sweet, despite only using two tablespoons of the flour (which means that the caffeine content was negligible as well).

I'm eager to try this because I really like the way it can enhance some of the more bland gluten free baked goods that we make at home. Seems like it would make a perfect "secret ingredient".

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