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Champion’s Awful Customer Service Reputation Is Getting More Attention Than Even Their Best Performing Juicers

The Champion 2000 juicer is an amazing product that has been adorning countertops across the world to help people stay healthy.

The 2000 Gets A Good Review But Champion Fails At Customer Service

White juicer made by ChampionUnfortunately, there is one big drawback to this juicer that can't be ignored so ultimately we are not going to be recommending this one at the end of our review. The problem stems not from the juicer itself but from the customer service, or lack of it, that Champion provides.

In all fairness, however, there are a lot of people that have been purchasing this brand of juicer for many years and have found that the machine quality is fantastic. Many have never had any complaints about the Champion models that they have purchased over the years. There are a lot of diehard Champion users that would never use another type of juicer and stick with this brand.

This Masticating  Juicer Does Make Great Juice

The Champion 2000 juicer is definitely a quality product that will create luscious delicious juices that you'll absolutely love. People that prefer a bit of extra pulp in their drinks will especially adore this particular model. The drinks come out thicker, with more pulp, and a bit more taste as a result.

It Makes Great Smoothies Too

A lot of reviewers are also in agreement that this makes the best fruit smoothies when compared to any other model out there. It can also create baby foods, sorbets, ice cream, nut butters, baby foods and fruit sauces that are fantastic. (1) As well, the juicer can easily handle heavy vegetables and green veggies in a snap.

In fact, the reviews about this machine are glowing when it comes to its juicing power and abilities. The only problem seems to be with customer service and not with the juicer's abilities at all.

Features Of This International Juicer

  • Powered by a general electric heavy duty motor with 1/3 hp
  • Juices produce at a speed of 1,745 RPM
  • Easy assembly
  • Fast and simple cleanup
  • Designed for all types of vegetables and fruits
  • Does not require any intervening cleaning
  • Floating cutter separates the pulp and juice effortlessly
  • Comes in a variety of colors

Among The Best In Performance But Not A Good Design

This is an extremely heavy machine that is going to take up a lot of counter space. Unless you have a designated space to put it where it can stay, you may want to look at a lighter or a smaller unit. While it does provide some confidence in the model since it's big and bulky, there are other juicers on the market that aren't as big and heavy that can rival this one in performance.

The one great thing to be said about the look of the machine is it’s available in a variety of colors including:

  • White
  • Black
  • Almond
  • Silver

The warranty

Champion provides a 3-year warranty on the motor and a limited 5-year warranty on the juicing parts.

Good Luck Getting Service Though

One customer, however, found out that after the first year she would have to be responsible for the shipping costs of the unit to get it repaired or replaced. Due to the extreme weight of the juicer, it was going to be an expensive proposition and she decided not to go ahead.

Other reviewers have had a mix of problems dealing with their warranty and customer support. One customer also mentioned that older models are not supported by the company so you'll have a hard time getting replacement blades in the future should they break.

Even For A Low Price The Champion 2000 May Not Be The Best Juicer

Like the Champion G5-PG710 the 2000 is a quality product that can seemingly last forever and has for many loyal customers, but we cannot at this time recommend the juicer due to the lack of support offered for it by the company. With so many other brands offering quality juicers along with fantastic customer support, it makes more sense to buy another brand instead of taking your chances on this one.

If you're not worried about future support issues, however, this really is a great juicer that does its job well, creates excellent drinks with a bit of extra pulp and has a reputation for creating the best smoothies you'll ever taste.