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Here’s What Hurom Owners Think Of Their Juicers

In the world of slow juicers, Hurom can be considered to be one of the global leaders in the field. This company is actually the original creator of the ground breaking technology used for the cold pressed vertical juicer.

White Hurom JuicerWith these juicers, vegetables and fruit are pressed naturally instead of ground-up into bits so that very little friction or heat is used to create the drinks. These juicers produce high quality nutritional juices that contain the original taste of the fruit or vegetables that are being pressed.

Reviews From Real Customers

Hurom juicers are made from quality materials that can stand up to the test of time. They have perfected the ultimate juicing designs that have become the standard that other companies look up to. Here are just a few of the many positive things that owners of Hurom slow juicers have to say about these incredible products

  • One reviewer said that she can juice almost everything to perfection with the Hurom she owns. If you peel a lemon it will work even better than a regular citrus juicer. As well, this reviewer went on to say that once you have finished juicing you won’t find a drop left in the processed food – even if you were to wring it out!
  • Another reviewer says that she is extremely happy with her Hurom juicer and that it is the best of both worlds between a fast juicer and a slow juicing model that she’s had in the past. She says that it only takes one session to get enough juice for a drink and works great on greens like romaine lettuce and kale. She’s also juiced flawlessly with watery fruits like apples and cucumbers while experiencing little to no foam with the drinks she creates.

Why do you need a slow juicer?

When a juicer works quickly, it produces a lot of friction, which in turn leads to the creation of heat. This heat is what destroys the natural enzymes that occur in the fruit and vegetables that you are using for your juicing.

One of the reasons why juicing has become so popular is you can get access to these natural enzymes easily by creating your own juice through a slow process. When you buy a centrifugal juicer, you won’t get the same access to the enzymes as you would with a slow juicer.

Both juicer types can provide drinks that contain the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, but only slow juicers can give you access to the natural enzymes. This is the reason why so many slow juicers have become popular throughout the years and why people are willing to pay more for this type of juicer.

Who A Hurom Slow Juicer Is Perfect For

Hurom has long been considered as one of the top 3 manufacturers of quality slow juicers. When you’re looking for a well-designed juicer that will last on your countertop for many years to come, and are willing to pay a bit more for the luxury of owning one of the best juicers available, any of the Hurom products will work perfectly for you.

Where To Buy

Interesting note here. It seems there are a number of very well know unauthorized retailers. If you buy your juicer from one of them your warranty will not be honored. The very popular sells them at a competitive price with free shipping and is an authorized retailer.