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Green Star Makes Juicers That Aren’t Just Loved By People Like You And Me. They’re A Favorite Among Nutritionists Too!

p>Overall, the reviews of the green star juicers have been excellent to date. Green star is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to quality juicers and this company has built up quite a reputation in the process of making them and providing them to the public.

twin-gear-augersA lot of faithful longtime juicing addicts as well as nutritionists would never consider owning another product other than this type.

There is a wide selection available from this manufacturer including the following:

The reviews for the Green Star GS-1000 have been excellent with 25 customers giving it 4/5 stars on the Amazon site. One reviewer says that this is a juicer that easy to clean, simple to use and loves it! Another longtime juicer since 1990 says that she has experience with Juiceman, Champion and Green Star and highly recommends the Green Star units if you’re going to be juicing a lot of greens like parsley and Kale. She says that you’ll get a better yield that’s more nutritious with this type of juicer than any other that you can find on the market. It also juicers wheatgrass and is a quiet unit when compared to the Champion models.

They Preserve Nutrients By Limiting Oxidation

This reviewer was also extremely pleased with the job the juicer does on ice cream and sorbets. She also says that the juice coming from the Green Star unit oxidizes slower thanks to its masticating action than what you would find with a Champion juicing appliance. She also mentioned that there are more parts that you’ll have to take off when it’s time to clean it up but that you’ll quickly get used to taking it apart and then reassembling it.

A Huge Yield Of Juice

Reviewers are also raving about the Green Star Elite Deluxe Extractor and it is receiving 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website. Customers are loving this model with one reviewer saying that she is seeing double the amount of juice per vegetables than what she was receiving with her centrifugal juicer. This customer juices 4x weekly and for 3 people at a time so she is extremely thankful for the cost savings.

Another reviewer finds juicing carrots easier with the Elite model than with the GS-1000 and enjoys using a wooden plunger that comes with it because it provides more sensitivity as she is putting the produce through the chute. As well, she finds that the latching arms that snap open and then close again easily is a great feature.

These are just a few examples of the many positive reviews that you’ll find about all of the Green Star juicers listed above. They have all received high ratings by real customers that have been more than satisfied with the juice they produce, their ease-of-use and their durability. Green Star has an impeccable reputation in the juicing industry and you can expect only top quality products from this manufacturer that result in the ultimate juicing experience.