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Have Your Expectations Of A Low Priced Juicer Eclipsed By The Performance Of The Juice Fountain Compact

Breville BJE200XLEnjoy fantastic juices and get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals every day with the Breville Juice Fountain Compact.

Pick out your favorites, put them in the large chute and get on your way to a more natural lifestyle.

Key Features

  • Can juice an apple in under 3 seconds
  • Extra wide feed chute - Shove in whole apples
  • 700 W motor for easy and quick operation - You'll never hear it strain
  • Extracts a lot of juice!
  • Includes a 1 L juice jug - Enough for three glasses
  • Easy to clean, assemble and disassemble - Clean-up takes about 3 minutes
  • Many parts are dishwasher safe
  • Light weight machine - A child could carry it

This centrifugal juicing machine has been designed for the person that wants to juice but is facing limited counter space. If you have a small kitchen, adding even one extra appliance can be a burden - even though you are well aware of the health benefits that go along with juicing. With this compact juicer you'll easily be able to find a spot on the counter for it or store it in a cupboard. Don’t be fooled by its size though – this machine is certainly powerful enough to rival many of the bigger machines!

You’ll appreciate the many plastic parts on this juicer when you're looking for convenience and a lightweight unit. It's easy to move this machine from counter to cupboard for easy storage if needed. Even though this is a smaller and lighter model, it is able to stand up to rigorous juicing and users have commented in reviews that it lasts for years.

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This compact juicer has the capability to extract 8 ounces of juice in only 5 seconds. The 700 W motor spins the mesh basket at a rate of 13,000 RPM, creating fresh juice in only seconds.

Non Corroding Filter Basket

The basket consists of 40,000 pores, two sharp blades and 115 conical knives for maximum extraction. The dual knife assembly helps to keep vegetables and fruit stabilized and centered.

A Great Juicer For People On The Go

If you're looking for a lightweight compact juicer that is easy to operate it doesn't get any easier than this. There are no precision buttons to press since the juicer only comes with one on/off switch. It's just a matter of loading up the chute, turning on the button and then watching the fresh juice pour out.

Anyone that is technically challenged can handle this appliance easily without running into any complications at all.

Drop In Whole Foods Without Chopping

The extra wide chute allows you to drop in a whole apple or carrot without any prior chopping needed. It's a 3-inch chute that accommodates many food types without chopping, slicing or dicing necessary. This makes it perfect for a morning juicer when you don't have a lot of time on your hands to prepare a healthy drink.

A Couple Drawbacks

Although you can't expect this machine to juice wheatgrass (1), it does a fantastic job on hard foods like carrots and apples and soft foods such as leafy greens, berries and all types of citrus fruits.

This is a fast juicer that processes food in seconds but it is relatively noisy. If you're willing to sacrifice the noise for a lightweight and fast compact juicer, this appliance is well worth the money spent.

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This lightweight Breville Juice Fountain Compact sits firmly on the counter with minimal movement and does a nice clean job. You can expect a few minor splatters from time to time, as you can with most juicers of this type, but for the most part the juicer operates quickly to get maximum juice from the produce without any splatters at all.

This is a bargain priced juicer that may end up being just the right size for your kitchen. The Breville BJE200XL has simple features and is compact and lightweight enough to store easily in a kitchen cupboard. This Breville juicer is a delight to own and you'll be pleasantly surprised by it's performance, its' juice, and its' low price which you probably wont find any lower than here.