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Breville Hit A Homerun With The 800JEXL’s Low Price And Maximum Nutrient Extraction

You are what you eat and now you can make sure that only the healthiest foods are being consumed with the Breville Juice Fountain Elite by your side. Treat yourself to the freshest juices with this high-performance juicer that can create a perfectly healthy drink in only 5 seconds.

800jexlChoose the fruits and vegetables of your choice and you'll be left with a thirst quenching refreshing drink that will leave you energized and ready to take on the day.

Breville Fountain Elite juicer features

  • 1000 W motor - Best in class at this price
  • Less oxidization - That means more vitamins and minerals
  • Strong juicing flavor - Let's you know you are maximizing nutrients
  • Easy cleanup - An often overlooked consideration
  • 2 speed operation - Get the most out of softer fruits
  • Whole foods can be fed into the chute - Means less work for you preparing veggies
  • Quieter operation than many other juicers - You won't wake up the family or scare the dog
  • Safety locking arm - Unlock the arm and the motor shuts off

This appliance comes with 1000 Watts of pure power like you'd find on some of the professional models. As you watch your harder produce like apples and carrots slide down the chute you'll be amazed to see how effortlessly this machine gets to business to produce wholesome drinks at the click of a button.

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You can expect only a small amount of oxidization with this centrifugal juicer: much less than normally produced by other juicers in its class. The juice is very strong and for diehard juicers you know that this indicates that most of the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables is being passed along into the juice. The drink will be virtually pulp free with the natural taste of the produce kept intact.

Most Common Complaints

One common complaint about the 800JEXL is that it has a habit of shooting food back up the chute. It's not a lot of food but seeing a few particles shoot up and out of the juicer is agitating. Most centrifugal juicers do have this problem, however. This happens when the juicer is designed with the chute located right over the spinner basket.

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The handle is also something that is a fairly common complaint. You'll need a little practice to easily get the handle in place to hold down the lid. It could be engineered a little better but most people don't have any long term issues with it. It's more of a bug that you'll adapt to pretty quickly.

Put Away You Knives And Spend Less Time Preparing Foods For Juicing

The Elite comes with a 3-inch diameter feed chute so that most vegetables and fruits don't require any cutting before adding them to the juicer. Grab a whole apple, add it to the shoot and then watch the juicer do its magic. It's as simple as that, which makes it one of the most convenient juicers on the market today.

2 Speed Operation Gets The Most Out Of Softer Fruits Like Kiwi And Oranges

For those of you that aren't thrilled about owning another complicated appliance, this may just be the one you need. There are only two settings to choose from on this model including low-speed and high-speed. The lower speed is used for juicing most types of fruits that contain a lot of water while the higher speed should be selected for harder vegetables and fruits.

For citrus fruits you'll probably want to look at a citrus press though. I've never seen a power juicer that does citrus fruits as well as an inexpensive press.

Fast Cleanup Gets You Back About Your Business

Not only is it easy to juice your produce but cleanup is a breeze with this Breville model. Simply slide out the pulp container after use to give it a quick clean and rinse out the other parts. It will only take a minute or two before the juicer is ready to be reassembled for its next use.

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One of the best features found on this juicer is the garbage container. Instead of having to clean this container after every use you can insert a plastic bag into it before juicing so that the bag catches all the pulp. This way, you'll have one less part to clean and it can save a ton of time when you consider how many times you're going to be using the appliance.

Quiet Operation For Early Morning Or Late Night Use

If you're the type of person that plans on juicing when others are asleep in the house you'll appreciate this great feature. The Breville 800JEXL is a lot quieter than many other juicers out there in its class. When a quieter appliance is one of the key features you're looking for, this could be the juicer you need.

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This Breville Juice Fountain Elite model has been built to last with diecast steel housing, a micromesh filter made of stainless steel and a cutting disk with a titanium plate. In order to see just how strong and durable this machine really is and the incredible juice that streams from it time and time again, your best bet is to look through the reviews left by users to see for yourself what a powerhouse machine this really is and how great it works.

Rock Bottom Prices On Juicers

Anything I buy for the kitchen I get at because they will beat every competitors prices. Just send them a link to where you found a lower price (here are the instructions on their site on how to go about getting a price adjustment) and you'll be guaranteed to get the best price. And yes, they do carry Breville's 800JEXL.