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Breaking My Coffee Habit By Replacing My Coffee Pot With A Hamilton Beach Juicer

Wanting to turn over a new leaf and lose some weight, I decided to dabble in the world of making my own fresh juice in the morning, to help quit my addiction to coffee that was riddled with high-calorie creamer and lots of sugar.

I still needed a boost of energy and while I am also a tea aficionado, I had heard excellent things about making my own juice using a juicer during the morning hours. After searching online for a good juicer, I ended up finding the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer on Amazon, with great reviews and features of which I needed to try this new type of trend.

It took about a week to get here, but from the day that I bought it, I have truly have been using it nearly everyday since (and it has been nearly three months since). The machine is pretty big and has a good power behind it, thus it is definitely not the quietest of machines. But the Big Mouth juicer does it job well, and I'm incredibly thankful for that.

Some of my favorite concoctions include the typical strawberry and banana combination, a mixed berry drink that includes raspberries and blackberries, and an odd combination of apples and cherries. Normally on a daily basis, I simply stick in my pre-washed and prepared fruits and drink. But some other uses that I've come to conclude is making my juice, then adding it to my blender with some yogurt to make a smoothie, or even pour it over vanilla ice cream with some carbonated water, to make a float.

My potted herb garden.I have even started to dabble into adding herbs, such as mint, from my herb potted garden (pictured at right) to make the drinks something special.

In the long run, a juicer is definitely not for everyone. While the one that I am using is pretty easy to clean, a lot of people do not put the time out to bother with something like this, simply taking an easier way with buying juice at the store. And while I still do occasionally, being able to make my own versions with whatever I want in it is fantastic. The combinations are endless and delicious, and really has helped kicked my coffee habit and helped me lose weight and become closer to my goal.

From the editor: Thank you for emailing me with your experience juicing Nova Knox. Glad to see that your enjoying your juicer on a daily basis.