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My First $100 Juicer Has Made Me About 600 Drinks , Is Still Working After Two Years, And Still Looks Brand New. Did I Mention It Makes Great Juice?

The first juicer I ever bought was the $99 Breville BJE200xl (aka - Juice Fountain Compact). I bought it because it was less than $100 and because it had 1,700 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. I figured that with all of those positive reviews I couldn't lose.

breville-bje200xlFortunately, I was right. This is a reliable and easy to clean budget juicer for people looking to get into juicing for the first time.

I ordered it in March of 2011 and have been using it a few days a week ever since. I've learned to make some really fantastic concoctions with it that are both healthy and delicious.

Here are some of the fruits and vegetables it does a great job with:

  • carrots
  • apples
  • pears
  • cucumbers
  • beets
  • bell peppers
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • tomatoes
  • kiwi
  • pineapple
  • plums
  • watermelon
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • different varieties of lettuce

And here are some other leafy greens that I like to juice with it as well. The thing with these vegetables is that they have a low water content and don't yield much juice. To get the little juice out of them that there is you'll need a masticating juicer. They're full of health benefits though and all is not lost though.

Important Juicing Tip

I find that by putting these following vegetables in the chute with ones from the list above I can still get a good amount of juice out of them.

  • spinach (this I use in almost every drink I make)
  • kale
  • collard greens
  • fennel
  • turnip greens
  • mustard greens
  • basil
  • dill
  • oregano
  • parsley

Cleans Up Pretty Easily

The Breville Juice Fountain Compact (that's the official name by the way) isn't hard to clean either. The trick is to clean it out right after you use it. Don't put it off because the longer it sits the harder it is to clean. I've found that a quick rinse is all I need for the three plastic parts and a quick soap and water scrub for the basket is enough.

The chute is big enough to handle just about anything without having to cut it into smaller pieces.  You won't have to bother cutting your fruits and vegetables up. I crack bell peppers in half by hand and shove them in, seeds and all. I cut apples in half with a knife and put them in the Juice Fountain Compact with the seeds and stems in tact too. Those are the only things that don't fit.

There Is A Drawback

It is a centrifugal juicer so it doesn't squeeze all of the juice out of the pulp. If you're juicing higher priced organic vegetables you may want to consider a juicer that has very dry pulp like the omega j8006 nutrition center. It squeezes so much juice out of the pulp that it comes out like cardboard.

The same goes for citrus fruit. You can get every last drop of the juice from oranges and grapefruit with a cheap citrus press. For $24.85 (at the time of this writing) you can get one that will do a better job than any centrifugal juicer.