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27 Uses For Argan Oil You May Have Missed

27-usesIf you're familiar with argan oil, you know it makes a great moisturizer for sensitive skin or that it helps heal damaged hair. But there are so many other uses that most of us have yet to uncover.

Argan Oil For Hair

Tame Frizzy Hair - Add a drop or two to your palm and warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Work it into dry or wet hair.

Prevent Split Ends - Nothing actually heals split ends but you can stop them form forming by add it to your routine.

Restore Coloring Damage - Heal brittle color damaged hair with a few applications.

Add Shine To Your Dull Locks - Used regularly, it will restore your hairs natural shine and luster.

Save $ On Expensive Products - Many of the expensive "as seen on tv" products contain argan oil as an active ingredient. Try using it on its' own before pulling out your credit card.

Make Your Own Shampoo - Doing it right is a bit of work but if you enjoy DIY beauty this recipe is perfect for you.

Strengthen Weak Hair - Natural anti-oxidants will help add strength to your weakened strands.

Manage Unruly Hair - The intense hydrating emollients help control thick and wavy hair that doesn't want to behave.

Healthier Follicles - Traditional shampoo dries out follicles. Nourish them instead of stripping them of their natural oils.

Prevent Flyaway's - Dry and brittle strands are more prone to fly away's than well conditioner hair.

For Your Skin

Moisturize Dry Skin - Just because it's an oil doesn't mean it will leave you greasy. It's lightweight and easy on your skin which makes it perfect for your face.

Heal Acne - Adults with acne have found that by adding to their moisturizing routine they have less pimples thanks to antioxidants (vitamin E) as well as it balancing the skins natural oils.

Heal Sunburn - Gently massaging into sunburn will help it heal faster. You should peel less and the entire healing process will happen much more quickly.

Make Your Own Soap - Have you ever tried making soap? Here's a little inspiration.

Prevent Stretch Marks - Using it during pregnancy by rubbing it on your stomach, breasts, and thighs will help prevent stretch marks. It helps increase elasticity and that will help protect your skin from permanent damage.

Prevent Scarring - In the same way it helps stretch marks in can help a fresh cut heal without permanent scarring.

Nail Care

Rejuvenate Cuticles - Acetone and other chemicals commonly used in salons are brutal on cuticles. Help them recover with faster by giving them what they crave.

Save $ At The Nail Salon - For an extra charge you can often get argan oil massaged into your fingertips. You can save a nice a chunk by doing it yourself at home.

Heal Split Fingertips - You don't need thick heavy creams to heal even severely cracked fingertips in most cases. The same goes for your feet, yes even those corns and calluses can benefit.

Add It To Your Diet

Pan Frying - With a smoke point of about 420 degrees you can use it for high temperature cooking. Coconut and peanut oil are much more cost effective, however.

Dipping Oil - This is my favorite way to use it because of it's unique nutty flavor.


Salad Dressing - It's an interesting oil to use in salads with vinegar.

Health Benefits

Control Blood Sugar - Fats help keep your blood sugar from spiking by slowing down digestion.

Lowers High Blood Pressure - Supplementing with it has been shown to help hypertension in about 5 weeks. (1)

Ease Aching Joints - Healthy fats can help reduce joint pain by reducing inflammation. May help arthritis sufferers.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol - It has more Omega-3 fatty acids than olive oil so it can reduce your bad cholesterol while raising the good.

Where To Buy It

I would stay away from the products that you see on television or that are sold at your salon unless you want to pay a premium.

Amazon has a good selection of pure oils to choose from. 

Then you can mix it with things like castile soap and essential oils to make your own concoctions.