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About The Juicer Directory

My name is Barry and I’m a fresh juice fanatic!

In March of 2007 I replaced my morning cup of coffee with a juice concoction and I instantly got hooked on the higher energy levels, clearer complexion, and I sure as heck didn’t miss those 14 pounds I lost either.

Thanks to my new habit, I’m a better and healthier person all around. New healthier habits have crept into my life from every corner and I owe it to taking that first step, juicing.

Juicing + My Love For Writing =

The Juicer Directory

I get a certain feeling of accomplishment when I express myself through writing. I very much enjoy engaging readers through my writing style, so I decided to create a website around this healthy habit.

And there you go. A bit about me, my history with juicing, and how it’s made my life a little better.