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You Can Easily Lose 100+ Pounds With Juicing, Take It From This Guy


This guys inspirational. I found his story on reddit and wanted to share with you.

"I saw that movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly dead and it got me going on this juicing thing. I started out at 400 pounds, which is about these pics right here:

This was at Blizzcon 2011. Yeah I play WoW.

When I started the actual juicing diet I got myself down to about 370/380. I am not good at documenting but here is a pic of june 15 2012, basically when my life changed:

Now juicing wasn't easy. I was really really hungry after the first 5 days. I decided to incorporate 1 cheat day per week. But even then my stomach was so use to the juice i would puke my cheat day food so I had to take it easy even then. Sometimes I would take an entire week and basically eat subway and think ITS OK THIS FOOTLONG IS LOW CALORIE, but then again i caught myself in the fat Roberto lie. I juiced for about 45 days and lost a crazy 60 pounds!

Best part about it was I felt GREAT and still feel amazing. After those 45 days I started to just eat good foods. Nuts, almonds, fish, chicken, brown rice, everything whole wheat. And before you know it I was down to about 290 pounds after 3-4months!

Well today I am at 267 and here are some nice after pics.

Now for juicing! My favorite combo has always been

2 kale leaves 2 celery sticks 2 apples 10 green grapes 1 swiss shard leaf half inch of ginger 4 broccoli heads 2 bokchoy leaves

This gives me most energy and leaves me nice and full ALL THE TIME. I could drink this every damn day.

And I also take Mega Man Vitamins! Big thanks to this juicing community who continues to provide awesome information for guys like me who are basically dumb when it comes to nutrition."

Are you ready to get started on your own transformation? Here's what you need to know about getting results like these.